ONDA Partners Baird and Bennett Speak Out on COVID-19 Child Vaccinations

With 60% of American adults having received at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine, the question now becomes, what about the children? While they may be at lower risk of contracting coronavirus, vaccine trials for children 12 and under are already underway. The decision to enroll a young child into a vaccine trial is one that requires careful consideration. But for ex-spouses sharing custody, who makes the final decision on whether or not their child is enrolled or vaccinated? What are the rights of parents who may disagree with one another? In a recent article for Texas Lawyer, ONDA partners Holly Rampy Baird and Paula Bennett discuss these important questions.

“Under the Texas Family Code, unless limited by court order, a parent has the right at all times to provide medical treatment during an emergency. During custody periods, a parent can provide medical care not involving invasive procedures.

Holly and Paula go on to answer questions such as what constitutes an invasive procedure and whether or not a parent can consent for their child to participate in a vaccine trial or receive the vaccine over the objections of their ex-spouse.

In a recent interview with KTVT CBS DFW, Holly also spoke regarding parental orders and what parents should do when it comes to questions about the COVID-19 vaccine. You can watch Holly’s interview below: