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Standing Orders in Texas

Standing orders prevent the spouses in a divorce from hiding the children from the other parent or running off with marital assets. They become effective against the filing party as soon as the case is filed and against the other spouse as soon as they are served. In Dallas County, the district courts have adopted standing orders because the parties, the children, and even the family pets should be protected and their property preserved while the divorce case is pending before the court. These orders are court orders and are legally enforceable.

The following Dallas-area counties have standing orders that protect both parties when a divorce is filed: Dallas, Collin, Denton, Rockwall, and Kaufman. Tarrant County does not have standing orders to protect parties during a divorce or modification suit.

The activities that the parties in a family law case are prevented from doing include, but are not limited to:

  • Hiding the children from the other parent
  • Removing the child from the state of Texas without the written agreement of both parties or being ordered by the court
  • Harming or threatening the care of a pet
  • Making negative and harmful remarks about the other parent to or in the presence of the children
  • Threatening the other spouse
  • Destroying documents
  • Canceling insurance
  • Signing the other spouse’s name on negotiable instruments
  • Stealing or hiding funds

A family law attorney can help you get your case filed, get a standing order in place, and help you navigate daily life during a divorce proceeding without violating your county’s standing orders. It is imperative that both parties know and understand how these orders apply to their specific case.

However, if your county does not have a standing order, it is prudent to file an application for a temporary restraining order with the court.

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