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High-Net-Worth Divorce Lawyer in Texas

The issues in high-net-worth divorces are often far more complicated. Besides the additional financial concerns associated with wealth, there can be substantial business considerations; trust issues, expenses like nannies, maids, and home upkeep; and property to value and divide. Because of the complex nature of these high net worth divorces, they should definitely not be undertaken lightly or rushed to a conclusion.

Marital Agreements

In fact, for most high-net-worth individuals, whether that wealth is the result of a career or successful business that one or both parties built from the ground up, or from a family inheritance, a marital agreement can make the process easier. A prenuptial agreement is one way to make divorce less painful and time-consuming by protecting pre-existing assets from the start. In fact, many wealthy families will require a “prenup” in order to protect the family fortune. Similarly, a post-nuptial agreement, which converts community property into separate property with both parties’ blessing is a smart way to save time and money during a divorce.

Property Division

In any divorce, when it comes to property division, if there is no existing marital agreement, then it becomes the job of valuators and skilled arbitrators to determine who gets what and how much. In high-net-worth cases, that process becomes far more complex. Many factors, including uneven professional prospects and earning power, can justify a greater distribution in favor of the financially weaker spouse. Our skill and experience in divorce litigation will go far toward protecting your interests.

At Orsinger, Nelson, Downing & Anderson, great care is taken to thoroughly assess and value property, assets, and finances in order to ensure that the end result of every client’s divorce is fair, no matter how complicated or large the estate is.