Law360 Publishes Chris Konneker’s Article on Withdrawals


Orsinger Nelson Downing & Anderson is pleased to announce that the firm’s own family lawyer Chris Konneker was recently published by Law360.

His article titled, How Attys Can Avoid Pitfalls When Withdrawing From A Case, serves as a guide to help make the withdrawal process as smooth as possible, describing the complexities and considerations attorneys face when filing a motion to withdraw from representing a client.

“Just as there are many reasons why an attorney files a motion to withdraw, there are several pitfalls an unsuspecting attorney may stumble upon when trying to officially be removed from a case,” Mr. Konneker writes.

In addition to outlining appropriate grounds to cite in these motions, the article describes how courts may react, how to avoid denials and examples of when a contested hearing may occur.

“Ideally, many of the troubles inherent in withdrawing from representing a client can be mitigated, if not entirely avoided, by simply having open, frequent communication with them,” the piece states.

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