Keith Nelson, Brad LaMorgese Speak on Divorce During a Pandemic

Brad M. LaMorgese, Keith M. Nelson, News

The November issue of D Magazine features an article on the added layers of stress the COVID-19 pandemic has put on couples going through a divorce, with court hearings, financial arrangements, and possession schedules all being affected. ONDA partners Keith Nelson and Brad LaMorgese are among the attorneys quoted in the piece, both weighing in with their advice to individuals separating from their spouses.

Nelson advises clients on steps to take to ensure their divorce is settled in a timely manner. “Trial dates often get cancelled or rescheduled, but during this pandemic, family lawyers must tell their clients that the uncertainty of a final trial date is much greater now than ever before,” he says. “This fact alone places greater emphasis on the need for scheduling of a strategically timed mediation. You don’t want it to settle too quickly, but you also don’t want it to drag on. Timing is critical.”

LaMorgese commented on the role virtual platforms have played in ensuring things continue to run smoothly during the pandemic. “There’s no replacement for a good old-fashioned, in-person representation at trial, but initial consultations and some hearings go well over Zoom,” he says. “In many ways, divorce is business as usual, and in other ways, it’s different. Either way, lawyers can still adequately represent their clients.”

The full article can be read here.