Jeff Anderson and Keith Nelson Speak to Yahoo! Finance on Dividing Assets in a Divorce

Asset Division

ONDA partners Jeff Anderson and Keith Nelson are among the attorneys quoted in an article appearing on Yahoo! Finance. The article discusses the financial toll divorce often takes on a couple and the steps they can take to avoid it.

Jeff speaks to the importance of document-gathering before a divorce starts to ensure that property that can be divided between spouses is divided between spouses. “Too many times the necessary documents seem to disappear after a divorce starts,” he says. “So to the highest degree possible, gather those documents before you start the divorce.”

In a similar thread, Keith speaks to the sometimes complex nature of dividing assets between spouses. “A bank account with cash in it is pretty easy to value – look at the balance,” he says. “But a retirement account, a house, or securities can have more complex issues.”

You can read their full comments and more at Yahoo! Finance.