How Do I Find a Top-Rated Child Custody Lawyer in Texas?

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child custodyA seemingly trivial statistical change in 2007 speaks volumes about child custody in today’s America. That year, the Census Bureau stopped assuming that children lived with two married parents. Indeed, by that time, the number of two-parent-headed households had declined significantly. That trend continues today, despite the lower divorce rate.

These families must overcome some unique legal and financial hurdles. So, a top-rated child custody lawyer in Dallas is indispensable. Attorneys stand up for your legal and financial rights in court. Additionally, lawyers are usually able to resolve common child custody disputes before they go to court, thus reducing the stress these matters almost always cause. The problem is that there are so many choices, and upon first impression, most child custody lawyers in Dallas seem alike. However, upon closer inspection, some clear differences emerge.


Generally, law school teaches people to think like lawyers. But only experience teaches people to act as lawyers. Therefore, an inexperienced lawyer is usually able to identify the issues in a child custody case. However, the most effective lawyers know more than what to do. They know how to do it.

Experienced lawyers are familiar with all the procedures in Dallas County and nearby jurisdictions. This knowledge includes both the formal, written rules and the informal, unwritten rules. Written rules are largely the same everywhere, but the unwritten rules vary significantly, even among judges in the same county. It’s very difficult to get on base if you don’t know the difference between a ball and a strike, and you also don’t know how that particular umpire calls balls and strikes.

Furthermore, experienced lawyers have developed proven methods. They know what works, and they know what doesn’t work. Since they do not need to start from square one, experienced lawyers automatically have a head start.


TV lawyers such as our personal favorite Perry Mason take any case that walks through the door. Many of today’s lawyers are general practice lawyers as well. Such attorneys can normally handle simple matters, such as a child support enforcement action. The obligor, or the person paying financial support, either paid or he/she didn’t pay.

Most child custody cases are different. Even though most move-away modifications, divorces, and other such actions settle out of court, there are some complex issues involved.

If you need foot surgery, you do not see your regular doctor, even though your doctor might technically be qualified to handle the procedure. Instead, you see a dedicated foot surgeon. A child custody case is much the same.


This final factor is actually two factors. There is geographic accessibility and professional accessibility. Both are equally important.

The most successful attorney-client endeavors are usually partnerships, and partners must spend time together in the same room. True, internet and phone meetings are available. But these exchanges cannot effectively substitute for in-person meetings. Furthermore, unless both parties are very careful, virtual conferences could have confidentiality issues.

Furthermore, your child custody attorney should be professionally accessible, but not too accessible. If the attorney has few clients so s/he can see you on short notice, there may be a reason business is slow. At the same time, extremely busy attorneys often assign work to inexperienced associates or even non-lawyer paralegals. So, beware of attorneys on either extreme.

Count on a Savvy Attorney

Choosing the right lawyer is often the key to a successful outcome. For a confidential and initial free consultation with an experienced child custody attorney in Dallas, contact Orsinger, Nelson, Downing & Anderson, LLP by calling (214) 273-2400. Our firm has more Top 100 Super Lawyers than any other organization in Texas.