Child Support Awareness Month FAQs  

Child Support

On the National Day calendar, August is recognized every year as Child Support Awareness Month for the purpose of highlighting the importance of child support in the development of a child. Established in 1995 under President Bill Clinton, Child Support Awareness Month observes the role of child support, creates awareness and encourages communities to help children through the exposure of resources that can help them develop in a healthy environment. Child support laws vary from state to state. Here are some answers to commonly asked questions about child support in Texas. 

What should I know about child support and how it is calculated?  

Child support in Texas is based on the percentage of the obligor’s monthly income. The obligor in child support is the person responsible for making the payment based on a formula. 

  • 1 child         – 20% of Obligor’s Net Resources 
  • 2 children   – 25% of Obligor’s Net Resources 
  • 3 children   – 30% of Obligor’s Net Resources 
  • 4 children   – 35% of Obligor’s Net Resources 
  • 5 children   – 40% of Obligor’s Net Resources 
  • 6+ children – Not less than the amount for 5 children 

Can I receive temporary child support during my divorce?  

A parent can receive temporary child support from the court during the pendency of a divorce. You want to make sure to consult with an experienced child support attorney to review your options. 

Once there is an agreement on child support, what options do I have if I need to change the order in the future?  

The child support amount can be re-evaluated every few years to be adjusted if the obligor’s income has also adjusted. This can be done by filing a modification or by contacting the Attorney General’s Office and opening a case with them. 

How do I enforce child support if my spouse is not paying? 

The Attorney General’s Office can help with enforcement, or you can hire an experienced child support attorney to file an enforcement requesting the court enforce the child support order.  

Can extra payments toward my child’s activities substitute for a child support payment?  

Extra payments cannot be considered an alternate form of child support payments. Funds spent on outside expenses, such as private school, extracurricular activities, clothes, tutoring, are generally IN ADDITION to child support payments and cannot be considered a substitute. 

Work with a Dedicated Dallas Child Support Attorney 

Child support awards are not set in stone. For a confidential consultation with an experienced child support attorney in Dallas, contact Orsinger, Nelson, Downing & Anderson, LLP by calling (214) 273-2400.